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Brenden Jongman and colleagues publish in Nature Climate Change about European flood risk


An article by Brenden Jongman, Philip Ward, Jeroen Aerts, Wouter Botzen and colleagues of partner institutions published online today in Nature Climate Change, investigates the financial risks posed by large-scale floods across the European Union.

Professor Aerts gets prestigious VICI scholarship of one and a half million euro from NWO


Professor Jeroen Aerts gets the VICI scholarship to stimulate the research on the relationship between urban planning and the risk of flooding. Is men 'in control' with regard to flood risk: that is the central question the research is going to concentrate on.

Prof. Joyeeta Gupta inspires audience with TED talk on Climate Change


With a comparison between chocolate pie and charcoal, Prof. Joyeeta Gupta grabs the attention of the audience. In her talk Gupta emphasizes once again that climate change is a complex matter and that a solution isn't an easy one. But we should not give up home, because: "There is a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in.

Biermann and De Moel win the 2013 VU Societal Impact Awards, senior and junior category


Biermann receives the Senior Societal Impact Award for his “path-breaking research on global environmental policy”, including his pioneering conceptual work on “earth system governance”. Hans de Moel wins the Junior Societal Impact Award for his highly relevant PhD research on calculating the risk and potential economic damage of river flooding in The Netherlands.

Harro van Asselt defends his PhD thesis on The Fragmentation of Global Climate Governance: Consequences and Management of Regime Interactions


The defense is scheduled on Thursday 17th October at 13:45 in the Aula of the VU. Van Asselt has traveled to Tokyo, Athens, Oxford and Stockholm to gather data for the PhD thesis.

EU Horizon 2020: Agentschap NL publishes draft work programme for the Transport Challenge


AGCI would like to draw your attention to new funding opportunities under Horizon 2020.

EU DG Environment publishes call for tenders on Biodiversity protection


More specifically: Biodiversity protection through results-based remuneration of ecological achievements.

EU Horizon 2020: Agentschap NL publishes draft work programme for Food Security, Sustainable Agriculture, Marine and Maritime Research and the Bio-Economy


AGCI would like to support you in identifying new funding opportunities.

Book Jan J. Boersema in top 25 downloaded eBooks in the relevant Springer eBook Collection in 2012.


Since its online publication on Dec 03, 2008, there has been a total of 16158 chapter downloads for the book: Principles of Environmental Sciences

Van Vliet and Verburg organized international workshop on land change synthesis studies


June 3 and 4 Jasper van Vliet and Peter Verburg organized a workshop entitled “Globalizing our understanding of land system changes” in collaboration with researchers from the University of Maryland at Baltimore County.

Chris Slootweg receives VIDI grant


Slootweg receives the grant for his research on chemical transformations with main-group elements. The VIDI grant is for scientists who belong to the top ten-to-twenty percent within their discipline.

Book 'Managing Extreme Climate Change Risks through Insurance' by Wouter Botzen


Dr Wouter Botzen has written this book using the results of his PhD research, amongst others. It provides an advanced analysis of what challenges and opportunities growing exposure to extreme events creates for insurers, governments and those who want to be financially protected.

Jacob de Boer informs in Sarin case in Limburg


At Sunday 1 April the NOS TV Journaal reported about the possible presence of the nerve gas sarin in Limburg. Prof. Jacob de Boer commented on the toxic effects of sarin, an extremely toxic gas, which was initially produced in Germany since 1938.

Amsterdam Science & Innovation Award 2013


Do you have an idea that is innovative and useful? Does your idea have commercial or societal impact? Do you want to win € 5.000,- for developing your idea further? Then submit your idea before April 19th, 2013

Jacintha Ellers is granted a NWO Vici subsidy of 1.5 million Euro


Professor Jacintha Ellers (head Department Animal Ecology, VU University) will use the NWO Vici subsidy to do research on the relation between loss of characteristics of species as result of co-evolution

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