AGCI PhD research “speed seminar” on 17 January 2012

poster speed seminarAGCI PhD research speed seminar AGCI PhD research speed seminar on Tuesday afternoon, 17 January 2012: Speed talks by PhD candidates and multidisciplinary review by senior researchers.

Call for PhD research presentations and for senior multidiscipinary reviewers:

Already we have received enthousiastic responses from 30 AGCI PhD students who will be presenting their research on this occasion. These presentations will be delivered in three parallel theme groups, starting at 13.00 hrs at IVM, VU (full programme details will be announced here later). The afternoon will be concluded in a plenary session which will start at 16.00 hrs, followed by a nice ‘AGCI borrel’.

To participate, please send a brief title for your PhD research presentation to asap – indicating that you will join this inspiring opportunity to benefit from the integrated AGCI research community.

Senior researchers can also let us know that they are willing to act as a multidisciplinary reviewer (just send a short message indicating this to: – and then you will be informed timely about your contribution as a reviewer).

Feel free to download and share the poster for this event HERE . 

AGCI PhD research presentations format:

1. all PhD presentations will use a maximum of 3 slides, which will be presented in a 5 minute speed-talk: “the idea is to present only your most interesting ideas and most salient findings to generate curiosity and excitement about your research” (see our inspiring example for this approach at:

Please note: this format allows for EACH PhD researcher to present her/his work, independent of whether you have just started or have already been progressing for a couple of years – sharing the challenges and findings on your path in each stage will (strongly) benefit your research as well as your audience;

2. immediately after each short and powerful presentation, a senior researcher from a different department than the presenting PhD researcher will act as an interdisciplinary reviewer – reflecting constructively on your work from an integrating AGCI perspective;

 3. depending on the participating PhD researchers, the presentations will be grouped along the lines of the six AGCI research programmes (see:;

 4. the AGCI PhD research presentation event on 17 january 2012 will be concluded by a nice borrel, to further get to know the larger AGCI community!