H2020-MSCA-ITN-2020 grant ‘Eradicating Poverty: Pathways Towards Achieving The Sustainable Development Goals’

ASI is pleased to announce the successful application for an H2020-MSCA-ITN-2020 grant under the EU Marie Skłodowska-Curie Innovative Training Networks programme for the project ‘ADAPTED – Eradicating Poverty: Pathways Towards Achieving The Sustainable Development Goals’.

06/05/2020 | 12:05 PM

ASI congratulates all involved VU Amsterdam researchers in developing this proposal: Dr Henk van den Heuvel (CIS), Dr Sandra Hasanefendic (International Office), Dr Galina Cornelisse (Law Faculty), Dr Barbara Regeer (Athena Institute), Prof. Ruard Ganzevoort (Faculty Theology & Religion), and Prof. Marjo de Theije (Faculty Social Sciences). 

Within this transnational and interdisciplinary project, our VU Amsterdam colleagues will focus on ‘Studying interactions between poverty reduction and other policy areas’. Since the conventional academic debate on the determinants of poverty reduction mostly takes place in disciplinary silos, and structural differences between high-income and developing countries are often ignored, the researchers aim to provide an innovative doctoral training framework that breaks the existing silos in poverty-related research. The overarching goal is to deliver high-level training with intersectoral relevance to high-achieving early stage researchers in order to optimize the impact of poverty reduction policies.

VU Amsterdam will provide supervision to two PhD research projects:

  • An analysis of nationally determined contributions (NDCs) of African countries under the Paris climate agreement and how these NDCs relate to SDG1, with Prof. Philipp Pattberg (Faculty of Science) as promotor
  • Mobilising international law for cross-border tax justice, with Dr Galina Cornelisse (Law Faculty) as promotor

Furthermore, VU Amsterdam researchers will be involved in the following three projects:

  • Mining and Poverty – A focus on artisanal mining and on CSR in industrial mining, with Prof. Marjo de Theije (Faculty of Social Sciences) as co-promotor
  • Rights-based social assistance schemes, with Dr Galina Cornelisse (Law Faculty) as co-promotor
  • Demand for good governance and policy access for the poor, with Prof. Azza Karam (Faculty of Religion & Theology) as co-promotor