Prof. dr. ir. Jan Vermaat

Professor and Head of the section Earth Sciences and Economics

Curriculum Vitae


Since 2010, Jan Vermaat is professor in Earth Sciences and Economics at the Faculty of Earth and Life Sciences of VU University, Amsterdam. He directs the BSc programme in Earth Sciences and Economics. Jan combines ample overseas experience in aquatic and landscape ecology with an interest in multidisciplinary cooperation and the applicability of his findings. He has published over 70 papers in the primary literature on water quality, wetlands, catchment biogeochemistry, spatial pattern analysis, coastal ecosystems and the interface between ecology and economics. He is co-editor-in-chief of Aquatic Botany since 2001, and has been editor-in-chief of Landschap, a scientific journal for landscape ecology in Dutch, from 2005-2009. Jan coordinates the BSc field course ‘Spatial Analysis’, and the MSc course ‘Aquatic Ecology’ and the MSc course ‘Ecosystem Services and Biodiversity’. AT Amsterdam University College he lectures ‘Introduction to Environmental Sciences’.

Jan was Associate Professor (UHD) ‘Aquatic and Wetland Ecology at the Institute of Environmental Studies (IVM); Faculty Earth and Life Sciences (FALW) of the Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, from 2001-2010 and acted as deputy department head Spatial Analysis and Decision Support. From 1989- 2001 he worked as Senior lecturer Aquatic Ecology at IHE-Delft. He defended his PhD in 1991 at Wageningen Agricultural University, where he also acquired his MSc in Biology, in 1985.

He co-supervised several PhDs and postdocs: Wilfredo Uy, Udomluck Thampanya, Hildie Nacorda, Sabine Körner, Harry Olde-Venterink, Peter Schippers, Rene Rollon, Hasse Goossen, Florian Eppink and Maria Gonzales Sanchis. He carried out projects for a wide range of funding agencies including the EC (different framework programmes) NWO, NWO-WOTRO, the EEA, WWF, the World Bank, water boards and local authorities. He has overseas experience in Costa Rica, Mauritania, Sierra Leone, Benin, India, The Philippines (>10 times), Thailand (>5 times), Vietnam, and Lesotho. Jan coordinates the MSc course Aquatic Ecology (6 ECTS) and the BSc field course Spatial Analyses (Earth Sciences and Economics; 11 ECTS).

Selected publications

Statistics (April 2010): 61 papers published or accepted in Web-of-Science journals since 1984, H-index = 20; 18 chapters in scientific monographs, over 20 papers in professional journals, such as Env Sci, H2O, Landschap.


  • Van Vierssen W., Hootsmans M.J.M. & Vermaat J.E. (eds), 1994. Lake Veluwe, a macrophyte-dominated system under eutrophication stress. Geobotany 21, Kluwer, The Netherlands, 480 pp
  • Vermaat J.E., Bouwer, L.  Turner K., & Salomons W. (eds),  2005. Managing European coasts: past, present and future. Springer, Environmental Science Monograph Series, 387 pp.