Risk analysis, chemistry and genomics

Global economic development and new technologies, together with new knowledge about humans and ecosystem impacts, as well as changing attitudes to risk are constantly bringing newly emerging pollutants to public attention. Genomics coupled to highly-sensitive chemical analysis provides a new basis for understanding the risks of a growing range of micro-pollutants in food and the environment.

It is the challenge to integrate detection, impact analysis and risk assessment of mixtures of substances, taking account of dynamic exposure pathways. One objective of the research will be to combine multiple methods to generate integrated, fast and effective assessments of human and ecological risks arising from toxic pollutants in the environment. A second objective is to assess the relationships between knowledge and governance of environmental risks.

Key research foci 
• Developing and testing new analytical techniques. 
• Developing risk-based toxicity profiling methods. 
• Developing alternatives to animal testing. 
• Developing science-policy interactions on environmental risk. 

Core Faculty Members 
Prof Daan van Soest
Prof Nico van Straalen