ASI Thematic Clusters

What are ASI Clusters?

To refine the general profile theme of ‘Science for Sustainability’, a number of focused ‘research clusters’ have been developed via a bottom-up process involving both junior and senior researchers. The ASI clusters address some of today’s most urgent challenges and are linked to one or more Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Their membership consists of researchers with various disciplinary backgrounds, engaging in a broad spectrum of activities, often together with societal actors. The aim of the clusters is to stimulate ASI researchers to work together in order to generate innovative interdisciplinary research and create maximum sustainability impact. Clusters report about their activities to the ASI scientific steering committee. Each cluster has at least two coordinators from different faculties.

ASI Thematic Clusters and Cluster Coordinators

ClustersCluster CoordinationFaculty – DepartmentEmail Address
Behaviour and Governance
Dr Julia Blasch

Prof. Paul van Lange
Science – Environmental Economics, IVM

Behavioural and movement Sciences – Social Psychology
Biodiversity and Landscape
Dr Sjoerd Kluiving

Prof. Matty Berg
Humanities – Art and Culture, History, Antiquity

Science – Ecological Science
Climate Change and Energy Transition 
Prof. Carolyn Fischer

Prof. Lodewijk Smeehuijzen  

Prof. Guido van der Werf
SBE – Spatial Economics

Law – Dutch Private Law

Science – Earth Sciences
Food, Agriculture and Land UseProf. Lia van Wesenbeeck

Dr Ben Sonneveld
SBE – Economics

Science – Athena Institute
Plastics, Environment and SocietyDr Heather Leslie

Dr Freek Colombijn
Science – Environmental Chemistry and Toxicology

Social Sciences – Social and Cultural Anthropology
Urban FuturesProf. Patricia Lago

Prof. Henri de Groot

Prof. Freek Schmidt
Prof. Petra van Dam
Science – Computer Science

SBE – Spatial Economics

Humanities – Art and Culture, History, Antiquity
Water Security, Migration and Justice
Dr Denyse Snelder

Dr Jampel Dell’Angelo

Science – Environmental Policy Analysis, IVM

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